Welcome to the Capital Storage and Relocation L.L.C.

A moving company based in UAE, which established and committed to providing a quality moving services to our customers since past one year, and to fill up a niche in the relocation industry. We immediately expanded to residential as well as, commercial. Superior moving was placed in to give assistance to an age cluster which is dear and near to our hearts. In a down state of the economy.

Capital Storage and Relocation L.L.C have maintained steady growth even since its establishment. We are a small but very professional locally owned company. A completely and totally satisfied moving starts with our qualified, polite and professional moving consultants and also continues to that time that the movers are finished with his or her relocation process.

After moving you, we then endeavour to keep you as one of our friend and customer in the moving business. We built our foundation on repeated potential customer service, together with word of mouth referrals. In the effort and hard work of providing our clients with a professional and efficient level of moving service within your budget and beyond that of other moving companies, we offer our moving services at a very flat detailed guaranteed rate.

Our goal at Capital Storage and Relocation L.L.C is to go beyond customers’ expectations by tailoring our moving services to particular needs. We move homes, apartments, businesses, condominiums, and everything in between ranges from very small to very large. Whether moving across the country, down the street, to a business building or a new home, we are here to help with managing and reducing your relocating stress. Our service also includes dismantling and packing of furniture and other belongings to the new apartment.

How We Work To Reduce Your Moving Stress

  • We dismantle your furniture.
  • We pack small stuff like crockery, booksfoods and clothes etc. in the special boxes.
  • We load the packed furniture in our truck
  • We pack crockery and fragile items in special packaging marital like papers, bubble wrap and corrugated sheets etc. then put these in the boxes.
  • We take the furniture to the new house of the customer.
  • We offload and unpack the furniture
  • Hanger clothes we pack in hanger boxes
  • We then assemble the furniture other belongings that we have taken from the customers’ old house and place them where the customer requires without the customer touching a pin.